Clear optic Prototyping Service

  • Optical Machining Technology Provides Excellent Surface Finish
  • Combine 5-axis Precision Milling with Diamond Machining Technology
  • Good at Precision Machining of Complex Geometric Details
  • Hand-polished by Highly Specialized Skilled Craftsmen
  • Meet Optical Testing, Aesthetic or Display Purposes of Similar End-use Parts

Clear Plastic Prototyping Capabilities

CNC machining Clear prototype

Precision CNC machining is a perfect solution for Creating clear optical prototypes with transparent materials, with our precision CNC machining service, we use different types of technologies such as 3-axis, 5-axis and diamond machining to creat optic clear prototypes.

Urethane Casting Clear Prototype

Urethane casting is a fast, economical way for creating transparent plastic prototypes in small quantities, using liquid urethane materials that are poured into a mold and cured to create clear prototypes that have high clarity and light transmittance.

Rapid Clear Prototyping Sample

What is Clear prototyping?

Clear prototyping and optical prototyping are mainly referring to the machining of transparent acrylic (PMMA) and polycarbonate (PC), and most applications choose them to get a mirror-clear effect such as automotive lighting lamp lens, light guides, optics lenses, displays.

Clear Prototyping Materials


Acrylic (PMMA) is the most popular clear plastic material, and the best surface finish can be achieved through precision machining. Acrylic polishing can help present the best clarity and light transmittance. As a professional prototype manufacturer, we pride ourselves on advanced excellence in creating acrylic prototypes of optical components.


Polycarbonate (PC) is another transparent plastics materials for clear prototypes. Its transparency is second only to acrylic, but its strength is much stronger than acrylic. Vapor polishing can be used for the post-finishing of machined PC parts, which can improve the of the prototpyes.

Plastic prototype Gallery

Other Services You May Like to Know

Rapid Plastic Prototyping

Plastic prototyping is the creation of a scale model of a physical part that is made from plastic materials, manufacturing method includes 3D printing, Urethane casting, Rapid injection molding and CNC machining.

Rapid Metal Prototyping

We can offer different metal prototypes with different materials and also different machining process such as CNC, Die casting, 3D printing.

FAQs About Rapid Clear Prototype

A “clear” or “optic” prototype is a model that is designed to be transparent with optic features,used for optic performance validation. commonly done by Precision CNC machining on Acrylic or polycarbonate materials.