Project information

  • Product name: Unmanned Express Delivery Car Prototype
  • Where used: To deliver express packages automatically
  • Client Industry: Automotive
  • Quantity: 6
  • Technical process: CNC Machining
  • Accuracy: +/-0.2
  • Lead time: 15 Calendar days
  • Price: $5000-$10000 per car

Technical Data

Part Material Quality ProcessDimensionPost treatment 
Car PrototypeABS5Post-treatment 2000mmPolishing, painting


Due to the relatively large size of the unmanned car and the need for a strong load-bearing capacity during the test, it is not suitable to use 3D printing to make it-not only the cost is relatively high, but the prototype is also relatively brittle; The strength of CNC prototype is high, so we need to choose CNC machining method, which mainly has the following steps:

Step 1: CNC machining

The tool on the CNC equipment moves on the material according to the path set by the program, and removes the excess part of the material, so as to obtain the prototype of the hand model.

Step 2: Polishing

After CNC machining, there will be a few knife marks and burrs on the surface, which need to be smoothed by the master with sandpaper, so as to facilitate the subsequent surface treatment.

Step 3: spray painting

Spray a layer of paint on the surface of the prototype to make it look more beautiful. We spray oil in a dust-free workshop, so the surface of the prototype will not be dusty, and the appearance will look better.

Step 4: assemble

Assemble the various parts of the component to form a complete car.


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