Project information

  • Product name: Chandeliers Prototype
  • Where used: Exhibition and Marketing
  • Client Industry: Lighting
  • Quantity: 1
  • Technical process: CNC Machining
  • Lead time: 10 Calendar days
  • Price: $400-$1000 per piece

Chandeliers are decorative light fixtures that are suspended from the ceiling and often serve as a focal point in interior spaces. They are designed to add elegance, style, and illumination to rooms, making them popular choices for dining rooms, entryways, living rooms, and other areas where a touch of sophistication is desired.

Prototypes for Chandeliers serve as valuable marketing tools, enabling manufacturers to showcase their chandelier designs to potential clients, investors, or attendees at trade shows and exhibitions. Having a physical prototype makes it easier to demonstrate the chandelier’s beauty, craftsmanship, and unique features, helping to generate interest and attract potential buyers.

Technical Data

PartMaterialQualityProcessColorPost treatment
rodsPMMA 1CNC machining Clear Polishing to high gloss
baseABS1CNC machiningBlack Panting, 


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