Painting finsh is a widely used in various industries becasue it can provide a beautiful appearance for the parts. this process can be used for various materials and part shapes.

What is painting finish?

Painting finish is a process that alter a part’s surface after a machining process such as CNC machining, metal fabrication. this process will form colored protective layers on the surfaces of both metal and plastic parts.

How Does Painting finish Work?

Painting finish use compressed air to disperse the paint into tiny droplets, then spray them evenly on the parts in the form of mist. The Tiny droplets quickly expand after touching the surface of the workpiece, then form a smooth and even film on the surface of parts.

Common Types of Paints

Polyurethane paint

Polyurethane paint is a two-component corrosion resistant paint, including a main paint and a curing agent. Its film is strong, shiny, strong adhesion, water resistance, wear resistance and corrosion resistance. It is widely used in advanced wood furniture, can also be used for metal surface.

Epoxy paint

Epoxy paint consist of epoxy resin and pigment. it is resistant to wear, corrosion and chemicals. It is often used to protect and decorate surfaces such as metal and concrete.

High zinc paint

High zinc paint is a kind of high-performance waterproof and anti-corrosion paint. it contains 70% zinc content. it can effectively prevent the metal surface from being eroded by water and oxygen.

Advantage of Painting finish

  • The drying speed is fast, applicable for a large volume production.
  • More uniform compare with other similar surface treatment process.
  • Stable performance, easy to obtain the same color and effect.
  • it can paint on irregularly shaped objects such as angles and curves.
  • low cost becasue the machines can be reuse.
  • Spraying tools are easy to clean, reducing waste.

Disadvantage of Painting finish

  • not easy to operate, require skilled operator.
  • High investment costs due to the painting machine is expensive.
  • Painting materials may cause healthy issue.

Applications of panting finish


In construction industry, spray painting technology is widely used for indoor and outdoor decoration. it can improve the surface quality of the wall and make the wall more beautiful.

Automobile industry

Spray painting can be used to painting the automobile body and components. it can change the appearance of the vehicle and improve wear resistance and corrosion resistance.


Spray painting materials can improve the surface flatness and appearance quality of aircraft. Spray painting aviation parts can increase their impact resistance, corrosion resistance, high-temperature resistance and other properties.

Tips for Painting finish Operation

1.Before painting, make sure the surface is dry and clean which may affect the result of painting.

2. The paint needs to be stirred thoroughly to ensure uniform color and texture when spraying.

3. When painting, maintain the spray angle as 90° and spraying distance as 10cm to 25cm.

4. Set the pressure and speed of painting range from 2 to 5 stripes.

FAQs about painting finish

We can painting on CNC machined parts, plastic prototpyes, sheetmetal parts , all the machined parts, we can paint on them.

Usually, we can paint based on the standard color sample provided by our customer, or you can give us the color code which we can find it on internet.


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