Introduction to Brass

Brass is a metal alloy of copper and zin. it has excellent workability and machinability. brass is often used in the manufacture of valves, water pipes, and air conditioning inside and outside the machine connection pipe and radiator.

Information of Brass

CNC Machining Metalbrass(1)Brass 260
Brass 360
Good machinability
min +/-0.02mmPlumbing fixtures
Decorative elements
Musical instruments

Available Brass Properties

Steel TypeYield Strength (MPa)Elongation at Break (%)Hardness (Brinell)Density (g/cm³)Maximum Temp (°C)
Brass 26095-26045-5560-1208.5300
Brass 36090-31514-2580-1708.5300

The values above are typical averages and could vary based on specific type.

Available surface finishing for Brass part

ImageCapabilitiesDescriptionApplicable toTexturePrice
As-machinedAs machined means the parts without any surface treatment after they get off the machines.All materialsn/aNone
Sanding and PolishingPolishing is a surface finishing process to create a smooth surface. With mechanical, chemical or electrochemical methods, polishing will reduce the surface roughness of the parts to get a bright and reflective surface.All materialsSmooth, glossy finish$$$$
Bead BlastingBead blasting use high speed jetted sand and iron shots to hit the surface of the workpiece. it will change the surface of part and improve the mechanical properties of part.Aluminum, Stainless Steel, Steel, Brass, Coppern/a$
Powder CoatingPowder coating is a surface finishing process that adhere dry powder on the surface of a meatal part.All metal materialsGlossy or Sand$$$
BrushingThe brushing finish process is a surface treatment method that uses abrasive material to form lines on the surface of metal parts to achieve distinctive textured appearance.ABS, Aluminum, Brass, Stainless Steel, Steeln/a$$
MarkingMarking is available in differnt types and different methods.All materialsn/a$$

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