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Rapid prototyping plays a pivotal role in driving automotive innovation. It enables design teams to quickly iterate and develop new designs, satisfying market demands.

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Automotive Prototyping

We specialize in providing a comprehensive range of automotive prototyping and parts manufacturing services.

This holistic approach enables us to continuously enhance our knowledge and expertise in the field. From initial proof of concept design to rigorous mechanical component engineering tests, and from developing exterior lighting prototypes to manufacturing interior parts, we offer extensive support at every stage of the process.

Our diverse capabilities allow us to cater to various levels of automotive prototyping and parts manufacturing, ensuring seamless and reliable solutions for our clients.

Why Prototyping In The Automotive Industry?

Accelerating automotive innovation through rapid prototyping.

Rapid prototyping plays a pivotal role in driving automotive innovation. It enables design teams to quickly iterate and develop new designs, satisfying market demands. By bridging the gap between initial product concepts and final production, rapid prototyping allows for efficient validation.

Automotive prototyping provides valuable insights for design teams to enhance consumer appeal, effectively communicate ideas, iterate designs, and evaluate functionality and manufacturing processes. This iterative approach facilitates swift collaboration among stakeholders and accelerates decision-making.

With physical prototypes, manufacturers can verify and fine-tune the performance of automotive parts, ensuring optimal functionality and system compatibility.

Prototyping also enables the evaluation of manufacturing processes, identifying potential bottlenecks and optimizing production efficiency.

Our Services for Automotive Industry

Automotive Lighting Lamps - lamp assembly Prototypes
Automotive Lighting Lamps – Lamp Assembly Prototypes

Rapid Prototyping in Automotive Industry

  • Specialized in creating lamp assembly prototypes for automotive lighting systems.
  • Expertise in developing prototypes for various types of automotive lamps, including headlights, taillights, fog lights, and more.
  • Utilize advanced technologies and materials to ensure accurate representation of the final lamp assembly.
  • Offer fast turnaround times to support clients’ development schedules.
  • Provide comprehensive prototyping solutions, from concept development to functional testing and validation.
  • Deliver high-quality lamp assembly prototypes that meet industry standards and regulations.
  • Capable of producing prototypes in different volumes, from low volume to large-scale production.
  • Assure confidentiality and protect clients’ intellectual property throughout the prototyping process.
  • Dedicated team of experts with extensive experience in automotive lighting lamp assembly prototyping.
  • Rapid Clear Prototyping in Automotive Industry
Automotive Lighting Lamps - Optical Component Prototypes
Automotive Lighting Lamps – Optical Component Prototypes

Rapid Clear Prototyping in Automotive Industry

Auto Lamp Lens – Machining Acrylic and Clear Polishing:

  • Specialized in precision machining of auto lamp lenses using acrylic materials.
  • Utilize advanced hand finishing and polishing technology for flawless surfaces.
  • Employ an advanced two-color and multi material (2K) molding process for appealing aesthetics.

Light Guides and Aluminium Reflectors – Precision Optical Machining:

  • Combine cutting-edge 5-axis precision milling with diamond machining technology.
  • Achieve intricate geometric shapes and precise optical details.
  • Maintain exceptional accuracy with a minimum machining radius of R0.1 mm and surface tolerance of ±0.02 mm.
  • Ensure superior surface quality with CNC milled roughness of Ra(μm) 0.2 and mirror-polished finish of Ra(μm) 0.05.
Custom Auto Parts – Low Volume Manufacturing

Low-Volume Manufacturing In Automotive Industry

  • KUSLA Prototype possesses cutting-edge machining equipment and employs flexible production methods.
  • Our capabilities range from simple milling or turning parts to complex and precise 5-axis CNC machining.
  • We excel in both production-grade plastic machining and precision metal machining, offering a comprehensive array of advantages.
  • With years of experience in rapid molds, we specialize in both aluminum and steel molds.
  • Our expertise extends to plastic injection molding, allowing us to meet your engineering testing and pre-production schedule efficiently.
  • We prioritize delivering parts on time, ensuring a seamless and streamlined manufacturing process.

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