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Rapid prototyping

What Is Rapid Prototyping?

Rapid prototyping is a process or a strategy for creating and testing parts, models, or features of a product using 3D computer aided design (CAD) or other quick and easy methods. It can be done using additive manufacturing or 3D printing, or without tooling investment. It helps designers optimize and validate their ideas, and businesses bring their products to market faster and with less risk.

Main benefits for Rapid prototyping

  • Saving time and money by testing the product idea or design before investing in mass production.
  • Improving communication and collaboration between designers, developers, clients and users by providing a tangible and realistic representation of the product.
  • Enhancing user experience and satisfaction by allowing user feedback and analysis to guide the design iterations.
  • Reducing errors and risks by identifying and solving potential problems early in the development process
  • Increasing innovation and creativity by enabling experimentation and exploration of different design possibilities

Why Choose KUSLA Rapid prototyping service


No minimum order requirement

Advanced facilities

Our advanced facilities ensure precision and competitive pricing.

Experienced quality inspection

Owing certified factories, conducting in-process inspections and dimensional verification after production,


10+ years of experience in the industry

Competitive Pricing

Our efficient rapid prototyping system ensures competitive pricing that can match any offer.

Quick turnaround

We speed up product development and fast-track Rapid prototyping production.

Service Workflow 

Send Us Your CAD File

Send Us Your CAD

Fill in your info and send CAD file. We’ll create a 3D model for your part/prototype

Quote & Design Analysis

Quote & Design Analysis

In 24 hours, you’ll get a quote and DFM feedback for project feasibility and cost estimates.

Order & Start CNC Machining

Order & Start Machining

Once you place your order, we will begin production of your CNC prototype or CNC machined part.

Dimension Check & Test

Quality Check

We measure parts’ dimensions with calipers, micrometers, gauges, or CMMs.

Packaging & Shipping

Packaging & Shipping

We pack and ship your products with a robust international express standard.

Rapid Prototype Applications

Automotive Industry

Rapid prototyping plays a pivotal role in driving automotive innovation. It enables design teams to quickly iterate and develop new designs, satisfying market demands.
Rapid Prototyping for Aerospace Industry

Aerospace Industry

Custom Parts Manufacturing for Aerospace Industry For years, KUSLA has been a trusted provider of high precision parts and components for the aerospace and aircraft industries. We have a proven…

Medical Device

Medical Device Prototyping We understand the criticality of innovation and efficiency in developing life-changing medical devices. With our expertise, we offer comprehensive solutions tailored to meet the unique needs of…

Consumer Electronics

Consumer Electronics Prototyping KUSLA Prototype specializes in providing tailored prototype solutions for the consumer electronics industry. With technology advancing rapidly, staying ahead of the competition requires speed and innovation. Our…

Our Cases

Aircraft Engine Prototype

Project information An aircraft engine, also known as a plane engine, is a propulsion system that generates the necessary thrust to propel an aircraft through the air. It is a…

Electric Fan Prototype

Project information An electric fan is a device that circulates air using an electric motor. It consists of a set of rotating blades attached to a central hub, which is…

Charging Station Prototype

Project information A wall-mounted EV car charging station is a device that allows electric vehicle owners to charge their cars at home or other locations with access to electrical power…

Medical Oxygen Machine Prototype

Project information A medical oxygen machine, also known as an oxygen concentrator, is a medical device that extracts oxygen from the surrounding air and delivers it to patients who require…

Air Purifier Prototype

Project information An air purifier is a device designed to remove contaminants from the air in a room or an enclosed space. It helps improve indoor air quality by capturing…

Garage Light Prototype

Project information A garage light is a type of lighting fixture specifically designed to illuminate garage spaces. It provides bright and efficient lighting to enhance visibility and safety when working…

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