Low Volume Injection Molding Service

  • No minimum order quantities
  • ISO 9001:2015 certified
  • Production parts as fast as 10-15 days
  • Dozens of materials and finishes are available

OUR Low volume injection molding capabilities

Rapid injection tooling

Rapid tooling making

Rapid tooling uses additive manufacturing or machining processes to create toolings or molds rapidly, commonly less than 30days. this tooling is used to inject the plastic parts in a certain volume before mass production.

Plastic injection molding

Plastic injection molding

Plastic Injection molding is a method to creat parts by injecting melted plastic materials into a mold, cooling and forming the parts same as mold cavity. This method is commonly used for mass production becasue it produce parts very quickly.

Over molding

Over molding

Over molding is one of the injection molding processes that used to mold one plastic part over top of another component (substrate). The substrate is usually an injection molded plastic part.

Insert Molding

Insert Molding

Insert molding is an injection molding process that involves adding inserts, particularly metal, into an injection-molded part. Placing the insert within the mold cavity occurs before molten plastic injection. Consequently, on cooling, the insert becomes a permanent plastic part.

Our Injection molding specification

Molding Machine50-1000t
Mold Tolerances±0.05mm
Mold Life CycleAbove 100,000
Minimum Part Size1×1×1 mm
Lead Time15 Business Days
MaterialsPMMA, PC, ABS, ABS/PC, PP, POM, TPU, PA66

What is Low Volume Injection Molding?

Low volume injection molding refers to the production of small batches (typically less than 1000 pieces) of plastic parts. This process produce the parts very quickly and reduces the cost of each piece. Low-volume plastic injection molding is usually done with a small dimensioned inejction machine.


Injection molding is a plastic manufacturing process that can produce high quality parts at scale. It’s typically used for both low volume and high volume production.

  • Low cost at higher volumes
  • Good part cosmetics and surface finish
  • Repeatable
  • applicable for Complex parts
  • applicable for Wide range of plastic materials

Why Choose KUSLA low Volume Manufacturing Service


No minimum order requirement

Advanced facilities

Our advanced facilities ensure precision and competitive pricing.

Experienced quality inspection

Owing certified factories, conducting in-process inspections and dimensional verification after production,

Injection Molding Specialists

10+ years of experience in the injection molding industry

Competitive Pricing

Our efficient rapid prototyping system ensures competitive pricing that can match any offer.

Quick turnaround

We speed up product development and fast-track injection molding production.

Service Workflow 

Send Us Your CAD File

Send Us Your CAD

Fill in your info and send CAD file. We’ll create a 3D model for your part/prototype

Quote & Design Analysis

Quote & Design Analysis

In 24 hours, you’ll get a quote and DFM feedback for project feasibility and cost estimates.

Order & Start CNC Machining

Order & Start Machining

Once you place your order, we will begin production of your CNC prototype or CNC machined part.

Dimension Check & Test

Quality Check

We measure parts’ dimensions with calipers, micrometers, gauges, or CMMs.

Packaging & Shipping

Packaging & Shipping

We pack and ship your products with a robust international express standard.

APPLICATIONS of low Volume injection molding

Rapid Prototyping for Aerospace Industry

Aerospace Industry

Aerospace prototyping Aerospace prototyping refers to the process of creating functional and representative models or prototypes of aerospace components, systems. These prototypes are used for various purposes, including design validation,…

Consumer electronics industry

Custom Consumer products prototyping and rapid manufacturing fast development and user-centered final products are important for the success of companies launching consumer and computer electronic products across various markets. At…

Medical Device Industry

Medical Device prototyping We offer prototypes in production-grade materials of medical device for functional and regulatory testing, use our CNC machining and 3D printing service to manufacture models and organ scans to preview…

Automotive Industry

Rapid prototypes and low-volume production of automotive products Parts in excellent dimensional accuracy, quality, and on-time delivery One stop solution with various machining capabilities

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