Urethane Casting process is similar with injection molding. but the materials used for Urethane Casting is different with traditional injection molding. So before you make a cast Urethane prototype or part, it is better you know what are the materials for Urethane Casting. today, in this blog , we will share the common used materials to help you understand.

What is Urethane?

Urethane, also known as polyurethane, is synthetic polymer that belongs to the family of thermosetting plastics. Urethane contains organic chains united by carbamate links and It is formed by the reaction of polyol and isocyanate.

Is urethane a rubber or plastic?

Urethane is not exactly a plastic or rubber, alrough it have similar properties with plastic and rubber, Urethanes fill the gap between rubber and plastic.

Is urethane same as polyurethane?

They are same but with different terms.

Common Rigid Urethane resin


Urethane resin ABS-like is formed to duplicate the properties of ABS plastic. it can be used in urethane casting process to create parts that have good strength, durability and impact resistance like ABS plastic. for example, Hei-cast8150 is a common used ABS-like Urethane resin from Japen.


PMMA-like Urethane resin have properties similar to those of Polymethyl Methacrylate (PMMA), which is also known as acrylic or plexiglass. it is dsigned to manufacture clear parts. for example, PX5210 Casting Material from a common used French brand is a transparent material similar to PMMA (Polymethyl Methacrylate).

Common flex Urethane rubber


Rubber-like urethane resins are designed to have characteristics similar to natural rubber or synthetic rubber compounds, such as flexibility, elasticity and resilience. for example, UPS-8400 is a type of Rubber-Like Urethane materials used a lot in the market.

How to choose Urethane Casting Materials?

Choosing Urethane materials is depending on the applications of your products, there are lots of Urethane materials which have similar property with the injection molding plastic materials. So use the Urethane material which is similar with your injection modling material is the easiest way to define in the casting process.

Getting Started With Cast Urethane

KUSLA have various Urethane materials used in our plant to meet your project needs either plastic-like or rubber-like, we provide Urethane Casting service for years. Contact us today to start your projects.

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