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Experience precise and efficient CNC aluminum machining services. Our skilled team utilizes advanced technology to deliver high-quality results for your manufacturing needs.

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CNC aluminum machining process

CNC Milling aluminum

Our CNC milling aluminum method is a testament to precision engineering. Through advanced milling processes, we sculpt intricate and detailed aluminum components, ensuring every contour and feature aligns flawlessly with your design specifications. With a wide range of tooling options and machining strategies at our disposal, we create components that meet the highest standards of accuracy and surface finish. From prototypes to large-scale production, KUSLA offers unmatched versatility and consistency.

CNC turning aluminum

CNC turning aluminum is where innovation and expertise intersect. With state-of-the-art CNC lathes, we craft aluminum parts with cylindrical symmetry and exceptional precision. Our skilled technicians meticulously control every aspect of the turning process, producing components that adhere to the most stringent tolerances. Whether it’s creating intricate details or achieving seamless concentricity, our CNC turning aluminum method transforms raw material into refined components that exceed your expectations.

5-axis CNC aluminum

Embracing the power of technology, our 5-axis CNC aluminum machining method redefines what’s possible. With multi-axis capabilities, we unlock the potential for complex geometries and unparalleled intricacy. Our advanced machinery allows us to access hard-to-reach angles and contours, enabling us to produce aluminum parts with exceptional accuracy and surface finish. From aerospace components to artistic designs, 5-axis CNC aluminum machining at KUSLA pushes the boundaries of precision and creativity.

Our Services

Kusla use advanced CNC routers and metal mills to cut, drill, mill and shape aluminum with high precision and speed. We can work with different types of aluminum alloys, such as 6061, 7075, 2024 and 5052, to meet your specific requirements.

We also offer various surface finishes, such as anodizing, powder coating, sandblasting and polishing, to enhance the appearance and performance of your aluminum parts.

We have combined 3-axis, 4-axis and 5-axis CNC milling, CNC turning and other manufacturing processes to expand the manufacturing capabilities of the aluminum alloy prototypes.

Whether you need a prototype or a large batch of aluminum parts, we can deliver them to you with fast turnaround time and competitive pricing. We are committed to providing you with the best CNC aluminum machining service in China.

Rapid Metal Prototyping

Rapid Metal Prototyping offers a diverse range of options to create metal parts and prototypes, using methods like DMLS(direct metal laser sintering), casting, CNC machining, and sheet metal fabrication. Achieve strength, corrosion resistance, and precise designs for automotive, aerospace, medical, and more.

Low Volume Manufacturing

Flexible, cost-effective low-volume manufacturing for 10-100,000 units. Minimize risk, accelerate time-to-market, and optimize production costs. Agility and quick turnaround for on-demand manufacturing.

Machined Aluminum Prototypes​

Prior to commencing large-scale aluminum part production, engaging in aluminum CNC prototyping proves to be a strategic approach for tackling intricate design validation and pre-production assessments. This method facilitates rapid issue identification and resolution, expediting the transition to full-scale manufacturing.

At KUSLA, we orchestrate an internally streamlined, precise, and cost-efficient protocol that delivers unparalleled outcomes in aluminum prototype machining. Our dedicated engineering team meticulously evaluates each project, scrutinizes your design, and accommodates unique requirements, whether it involves incorporating welding, EDM, or wire EDM techniques. This comprehensive scrutiny ensures optimal machining processes are tailored to align seamlessly with your budget, timeline, and material specifications.

Low volume Manufacturing Of Custom Aluminum Parts​

If you require support for your personalized aluminum machining endeavors, we stand as a prominent and budget-friendly manufacturing partner, armed with cutting-edge technology, extensive expertise, and exceptional craftsmanship.

Our unwavering adherence to ISO9001 quality system benchmarks, coupled with the integration of streamlined production methods and adaptable custom engineering, empowers us to efficiently execute intricate projects within tight schedules, all while ensuring exceptional product excellence.

Aluminum Alloys for Machining

Aluminum AlloyWorkabilityHardness (HB)Elongation at Break (%)Tensile Strength (MPa)
Aluminum 1100Excellent for forming18-2330-4795-125
Aluminum 2011Good machinability95-14011-25290-400
Aluminum 2024Fair machinability120-16010-20310-470
Aluminum 6061Excellent for machining95-1508-18240-310
Aluminum 6063Good for extrusion55-11512-25130-215
Aluminum 7050Poor machinability140-18511-16460-530
Aluminum 7075Fair machinability150-20011-17480-580
Aluminum MIC-6Good for precision machining65-1057-9235-260

Aluminum Parts Finishes

we extend a range of standard surface treatment options for tailor-made aluminum components. These encompass sandblasting, shot blasting, polishing, electrophoresis, chroming, powder coating, painting, and more.

Surface Finishing

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Benefits Of Using Aluminum In CNC Machining

Lightweight and strong

Aluminum has a high strength-to-weight ratio, which means it can provide strength and durability without adding too much weight to the parts. This is especially important for applications where reduced weight is crucial, such as aerospace, automotive and medical devices.

Excellent corrosion resistance

Aluminum has a natural resistance to corrosion, which means it can withstand harsh environments and exposure to moisture, chemicals and salt without rusting or deteriorating. This can extend the lifespan and performance of the parts and reduce the need for maintenance or coating.

High thermal and electrical conductivity

Aluminum can conduct heat and electricity very well, which makes it suitable for applications that involve high temperatures or electrical currents. For example, aluminum can be used to create heat sinks, radiators, electrical connectors and circuit boards.

Cost-effectiveness and sustainability

Aluminum is relatively inexpensive and widely available, which makes it a cost-effective option for CNC machining. Aluminum is also 100% recyclable, which means it can be reused and repurposed without losing its quality or properties. This can reduce waste and environmental impact.

Design flexibility and ease of machining

Aluminum is a versatile and malleable material, which means it can be machined into complex shapes and intricate details with high precision and speed. Aluminum can also be easily anodized, painted or polished to achieve different colors, textures and finishes.

Dimension Accuracy

Aluminum has a low coefficient of thermal expansion, which means it does not expand or contract significantly when exposed to temperature changes. This can prevent distortion and deformation of the parts and ensure high accuracy and consistency.

CNC Aluminum Machining Workflow 

Send Us Your CAD File

Quote & Design Analysis

Within 24 hours, we will provide you with a quote and DFM feedback once we received the CAD data and requiments from you.

Order & Start CNC Aluminum Machining

Once you have placed the order, we will start production on your CNC prototype or CNC machined parts.

Order & Start CNC Machining

Surface finishing

Anodizing, powder coating, sandblasting and polishing according to your requirements

Packaging & Shipping

Packaging and Shipping

Pack your products with a robust packing Standard and ship to you by international express to get parts in your hand as soon as possible 

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CNC Machining Metal parts
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Other Capabilities

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FAQs About CNC Aluminum Machining

Aluminum 6061

This grade combines the heat-treatability, corrosion resistance and mechanical properties of aluminum. It can be fabricated by most techniques and has good workability. It is a versatile aluminum alloy for various applications.

Aluminum 6082

This alloy has the highest strength and corrosion resistance of the 6000 series. It is a structural alloy that can be machined easily. It is a relatively new aluminum alloy that has replaced aluminum 6061 in many situations due to its high tensile strength.

Aluminum 6063

Aluminum 6063 is suitable for architectural purposes. It has good mechanical properties, finishing characteristics and corrosion resistance. It is commonly used for aluminum extrusion applications in interior and exterior settings.

Aluminum 7075

This alloy is one of the strongest aluminum alloys available. It has a high strength-to-weight ratio and is ideal for highly stressed parts. It is a typical material for the aviation industry that requires complex structure and high precision.

Aluminum 2024

Aluminum 2024 has a high strength to weight ratio and good fatigue resistance. It is not weldable and has average machinability. It has poor corrosion resistance and is not suitable for anodization. It is used in applications that require high strength.

Aluminum 5052

Aluminum 5052 has the highest strength of the non-heat-treatable grades. It has higher fatigue strength than most other aluminum grades. It has good resistance to marine and saltwater corrosion and excellent workability. It is a strong and durable aluminum alloy.