Aluminum machining is widely used in the market. Combine the advanced property of aluminum and high precision of CNC turning machining, a lot of CNC turned aluminum product are used in our daily life . but why use aluminum for CNC turning? in this blog , we will introduce you everything about CNC turning on aluminum material.

What is CNC turning? 

CNC turning is a type of CNC machining, used to create cylindrical parts by removing material from a rotating workpiece with a non-rotating cutting tool of a turning center or lathe. CNC lathe rotate the workpiece rapidly while a cutting tool moves along the surface of the material, cut the workpiece into the desired form.


To choose a right CNC turning tool for Aluminum machining, you need to understand well the character of aluminum alloy used in turning. base on that, there are 4 types of CNC cutting tools commonly used for CNC turning as below:

Types of Cutting Tools for Aluminum Machining:

Tool TypeCharacteristicsApplications
Carbide toolsHard, wear-resistantGeneral turning, threading, grooving
High-Speed Steel (HSS) ToolsTough and versatileFinishing operations, threading, 
Polycrystalline Diamond (PCD) ToolsExtremely hard and wear-resistantHigh-speed finishing, 
non-ferrous materials
Cubic Boron Nitride (CBN) ToolsHigh thermal stability, 
ideal for hard materials
Hardened Aluminum alloy,
aerospace components

5 tips for CNC turning Aluminum

Use the Right Turning Tool: 

Aluminum is a low melting point metal, when it be cut, it will melt and possible sticks to the cutting edge of your cutting tool. So, to solve this issues, in most case, you need high hardness carbide cutting tools that can handle high RPMs while maintaining a sharp edge to keep cutting right through the metal.

Use Proper Cutting Speeds and Feeds

Use higher cutting speeds and lower feeds when turning aluminum to reduce tool wear and improve surface finis. For roughing applications, it’s best to use a tool capable of a high feed rate to remove material quickly. For finishing, it’s best to have a lower feed rate and shallower cut.

Proper Chip Control

Aluminum chips tend to be long and stringy, They can build up around the cutting tool and cause all kinds of problems such as sticky buildup, increasing heat, result in poor surface finishes. Use 3-flute maximum on the cutter will help with chip removal and Utilize chip breakers and pecking cycles to ensure effective chip control and prevent tool jamming.

Increase the Top Rake Angle

Using a 90° cutter can create cutting forces parallel to the part and will not flex it, result in a smoother surface finish.

Use a Mist System

Using a mist system can help cool down and maintain the temperature during the turning process, it can extend the lifespan of tools and retain the integrity of the material.

Applications of CNC Turning Aluminum parts


Aerospace industry have a lot of CNC turning aluminum parts due to high precision and light weight requirement. The aircraft body, engine need to be definitely safe which need to be supported by the precise metal parts. the common parts are covering shaft, probes, eccentric hollow shaft, joint connector, fastener and so on.


In automotive industry, CNC turning aluminum components of a variety of sizes and shapes can meet the large volume demands of the vehicles. Common CNC turning auto parts are Throttle control shaft, low pass filter shaft, hydraulic valve, valve housing, sensor Housing, pipe Joint, sensor metal shell, etc.


Electronic device have to work with high consistency and reliability each time. CNC turning ensures the precise machining needed to be used for sensitive electronic components. Housing used for earphone, Aluminum pipe/tube used for tattoo and e-cigarette, Nozzle used for Shisha, Contact pins, Pivot pintle, Bushes are commonly made by CNC turning aluminum.

Medical Device 

CNC turning is widely used in medical industry for componets like implant, surgical instruments, and diagnostic equipment. Aluminum’s biocompatibility, combine with CNC turning’s accuracy, can meet the requirements of medical applications.


CNC Turning aluminum parts such as Airframe Parts, Screws, Spacers, Consumables, Expendables, Avionics / Instruments, Engine Components, Rotables are commly used in military industry beacause of high precision needs.


CNC turning will keep growing due to its advanced capabilities, as the one of common used metal material , Aluminum parts from CNC turning will be used more in various industries. KUSLA is one of the best CNC machining service provider with decades of experiences , we can help on creating complex CNC turning aluminum parts. contact us today to find more capability of us.

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